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This site is mantained by Garazi Palazio and Gorka Jakobe Palazio, daughter and father of a Basque family from Getxo (Biscay, Basque Country-Navarre). All the photos you can see here are Creative Commnons licensed and if you want to use them it is clear that you have to mention the author of each shot. We are grateful with Wikipedia and Flickr because without them it had been impossible to create this repository.
Garazi's profile: my name is Garazi Palazio. I study languages in the Basque Country and I'd like to travel to Idaho in the future. Like many Basque people, it would be a pleasure for me to visit the Gem State, so I could improve my English.
Gorka Jakobe's profile: my name is Gorka Palazio and I teach information technology at Leioa Campus in the University of the Basque Country. I was born in Portugalete (Biscay). My email address is gorka@linuxmail.org.

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